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Preventing Copper Wire Theft from Job Sites

A large area of copper theft is from a job site, shortly after new material is delivered. Common items stolen are copper wire spools, copper water pipe, fittings, and light fixtures. Basically anything made of aluminum, copper, or brass that is not nailed down. Most contractors value their tools and secure them in a job […]

Light Poles: More than Just Holding a Light

Light Poles are a crucial part of our lives lighting up our roads, parking lots and walkways; but they rust, fall down, get hit, blown over, and forgotten about. Light Poles provide light for our streets, parking lots, sports parks, walk ways, and children. A light pole is something that most people take for granted […]

Fiberglass Light Poles

NOT ALL LIGHT POLES METAL Composite light poles, also known as fiberglass , is one of those light pole materials not commonly thought of. When we think of fiberglass, we think of small row boats to wakeboard boats. Fiberglass was first used as home insulation in 1930, and combined with polyester resin in 1935. The […]

Steel Light Poles

From a Role of flat steel to a finished light pole. Last week a team member posed a question, “How are steel light poles manufactured?” Light poles have two main parts, the vertical tube and the base plate. The light fixture at the top of the pole is bolted to the tube and the base […]