Tech Tip: What is EPA?

What is EPA and why do we care? EPA (Effective Projected Area), the basic concept, is the area of something that is hit by wind. We use the fixture EPA and a light poles max EPA rating to determine what light pole and fixture combinations will work in a given wind zone. The fixtures EPA will be noted on the spec sheet; some only state the EPA of 1 fixture in the mounting details, others have a chart showing the total EPA of fixture configurations. Light poles have a MAX EPA rating separated by wind zone. This is the total EPA the pole can support in the specified wind zone. Wind Zone is the specified by the local building code/governing agency. The current wind speed standard is ASCE/SEI 7-22. This is a good guideline, but the local building code and governing agency have final say.

Here is a link to the ASCE Hazards Tool. Enter your install address, Select Risk Category I (common for parking lots), check the box for Wind, then click View Results. Click the Overlay switch to see the wind speed map.