Tech Tip: Is there an Age Range where Rust is more Prevelant?

No! It is all based on light poles coatings, how it is installed and location of pole.

When inspecting poles at school districts, retail properties, residential sites, and commercial lots, we have seen poles of all different ages have issues. We have seen galvanized poles that are fine after 50 years and galvanized poles set in a planter, covered by dirt and irrigation, that rusted in 5 years. We’ve seen a powder coated pole correctly installed 20+ years ago, and a powder coated pole that rusted in less than 2 because it filled with water after being hit by irrigation. (Generally, we’re talking about steel poles- aluminum poles do corrode but not at the same rate as steel)

Poles should be inspected every 3 years to find potential problems. Known problems should be addressed and inspected every year.

Check out these videos for more info: