10 Tools to Make Replacing a Pole Safer, Easier and More Efficient

Everyone wants tools that can make their jobs a little easier! We’ve compiled a list of 10 tools that we think will make replacing a pole not only easier, but safer and more efficient!

1.    A Trailer Ball Wrench or Combination Box End Wrench 1-1/8 x 1-1/2. This tool is commonly used for trailer hitch balls and it covers both sizes you’ll need for the ¾ inch and 1 inch anchor bolt nuts.

2.    Two magnet bullet levels that are used to level the pole by magnetizing to each side of the pole that way you can see both levels at the same time.

3.    Proper Hook or Strap and Slings: The hook needs padding to go into hand hole without scratching the pole or a custom made strap that wraps around the pole so you don’t have to use a hook. Lifting slings that are the correct length with one strap running up the pole above the balance point with a “Y” strap going around the pole and the crane pill hooked to the loops of the “Y” strap. Never lift from the fixtures.

4.    An Oxygen Acetylene Torch with Rose Bud Tip and steel plate for heat shields. The Rose Bud Tip to get the rusted nuts hot (without cutting them off) and the steel plate to set between the rusted nuts and the pole as to not melt the wires inside the pole.

5.    A Jack Hammer or Roto Hammer with a chipping bit to break out drypack and level concrete.

6.    A Wire Wheel and angle grinder to clean off rust and debris from nuts and bolts.

7.    Your new pole hardware.

8.    Rust incapsulating paint to prevent further rust on the anchor bolts. We like Rust Doctor or Eastwood Internal Frame Coating.

9.    ½ or ¾ impact with deep socket. A cordless impact to remove the nuts makes it more efficient instead of doing it by hand.

10. A Pipe Wrench which is good to use on severely rusted nuts.

Stay tuned for our “How To” Videos that are coming soon and will cover such things as How to get a Rusted Nut Off a Bolt and How to Safely Sling a Pole!

If you find when replacing your pole that your anchor bolts are too rusted, check out our Thread Extenders to help save you time and money!