Light Pole Systems Award Winning Product: Anchor Bolt Adapter selected for the 2017 IES Progress Report.

Light Pole Systems is a manufacturing company that specializes in solving light pole related industry problems. Started in 2014 Light Pole Systems launched with patented Universal Locking Hand Hole Covers to prevent copper theft and soon added Pole Repair Kits to repair rusted light poles. Light Pole Systems applied over 35 years of exterior lighting industry experience to solve the common problem of misalignment between footing anchor bolts and light pole base plates by creating the patent pending Anchor Bolt Adapter (ABA).

Light Pole Systems’ Anchor Bolt Adapter was awarded the honor of being included in the 2017 Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Progress Report. Every year IES reviews innovative products and compiles a list of products that are unique, innovative, and significant to the lighting industry. The innovative problem-solving design of Light Pole Systems’ Anchor Bolt Adaptor lead the IES progress Committee to include the product in the 2017 Progress Report. The report was featured in the November 2017 edition of IES’ LD+A Magazine.

The Anchor Bolt Adapter was submitted when still in the prototype phase of production and selected for the 2017 Progress Report. Aside from being the first stocked anchor bolt misalignment solution, the ABA was included in the progress report for its unmatched versatility when installing a light pole onto a footing with bolt patterns that do not match. When installed the ABA allows for up to 5”, of bolt circle adjustment, preventing costly delays when light poles don’t fit the footing anchor bolt pattern.

Since then, the design of the Anchor Bolt Adapter has evolved to the line that is available today. Manufactured in 3 sizes, ¾”, 1”, and 1” to ¾” (for 1” anchor bolts and a ¾” light pole base), fitting common anchor bolt sizes. With over 1,000 sets sold, the ABA is the best-selling anchor bolt alignment solution on the market today.